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Product name: Diamondtropin

Active substance: Recombinant Human growth Hormone{HGH} (rDNA origin)

Manufacturer: DIamond Pharma Group

Strength: 10 iu

Quantity: 10 vials


Diamondtropin for sale online

Dynatrope Somatropina 10iu x 25 Vials Solvent: water for injection. Diamondtropin for sale online.Authentication. On the bottle of dinatrop there are two protective holograms and one verification sticker, under the protective layer of which there is a unique number of the preparation, which can be checked on the official website. When checking the number, it is indicated how many times this number was checked. This is done so that no one can make a fake Dinatrop with stickers with the same number taken from the same purchased package.Diamondtropin for sale online

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Growth retardation in children due to insufficient secretion of growth hormone, with gonadal dysgenesis (Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome), with chronic renal failure in the prepubertal period. In adults with confirmed congenital or acquired growth hormone deficiency as replacement therapy.

Dosing and Administration

DINATROP is administered subcutaneously, slowly, 1 time per day, usually at night.TO Dothis, select the solvent with a syringe and injected into the vial with the drug through the tube. Carefully shake until the vial contents dissolve.

Diamondtropin for sale online ( Purchase Diamondtropin online )

Release form

Lyophilisate for preparation of solution for subcutaneous administration of 4 IU, 10 IU.Lyophilisate: 4 or 10 IU per glass vial. Solvent: 1 ml in a vial of neutral glass. 25 bottles with lyophilisate together with 25 ampoules with a solvent in a cardboard box with instructions.diamondtropin for sale

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  1. Got great gains so far products definitely legit.

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  3. Still haven’t received my package, please guys what’s happening, i know you guys are legit because i was recommended here by a friend who made several purchases from you, please assist me, my order Number is #3012 i paid via Bitcoin.

    • Hi please check your email and Spam folder as well we sent you an email with no respond from your site, your address was not correct, we will reship to you for free once you send the correct address.

  4. The stuff delivery was on time. I thanks them that they deliver on time during this Covid19 situation. With proper precautions and packaging.

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