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Citadel Somatropin 10iu

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Citadel is the First Class human growth hormone . Each Citadel HGH kit contains 10 vials of 10iu growth hormone.

Place an order for Citadel Somatropin 10iu Growth Hormone now and we’ll ship it to you anywhere within 24h after receiving the payment.

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At Alphar Pharma, you can order as many Citadel Somatropin 10iu as you need to treat your wasting symptoms. We reinforce the importance of using the hormone as part of ART.

6 reviews for Citadel Somatropin 10iu

  1. Great company in every way! The post office lost my package and I proved to these guys that it was lost and they helped me with a new order. Amazing 10 stars up! And the gear is great! I used them many times and will continue.

  2. Beast quality product and best service, been with them for 2 years now. great experience with every order and product.

  3. Good quality. Decent gains/recovery. worth the money for no other reason than the ‘raging’ morning greeting, just like high school.

  4. Tried it this month and for sure the best GH I had experience with and i tried Samolete and Juvatrop before and few generics like pink tops and stuff

  5. I was a bit skeptical about this being fake but I can tell you that it’s 100% legit

  6. Excellent Product

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